If the information below is in anyway confusing, please call our toll-free help desk for more assistance at:

(805) 259-9702.
Recordings can either be played back while in a conference call or retrieved in MP3 format.

Detailed conference recording instructions
     Press                         Bridge announcement            Notes/Next Action
  *2 to start recording process Please enter your conference file number followed by the (#) pound key or press the (*) star key to cancel. Please make a note of the number you entered so you can retrieve an MP3 file of your recording from our web site. Enter your recording number "(entered digits)" followed by the pound key
  The conference file number you have requested is "(entered digits)". Press 1 to begin recording, press 2 to re-enter the file number or press star to cancel.
Note: If the bridge announces "I am sorry the number you have entered cannot be used" Please re-enter a recording ID number not already in use today. Enter a unique six digit number and make a note of it.
Press 1 to start recording. You MUST press 1 to reconfirm you wish to start recording or recording cannot take place
  The conference is now being recorded,(LONG PAUSE) to stop the recording press (*) star 2
  *2 to stop recording process To stop the conference recording press 1, to cancel press star Press 1 to stop recording the conference call
  Conference recording has stopped

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